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Manufacturing needs efficiency at all levels to maintain and grow profitability. Atharvan delivers customized solutions to manufacturing business that helps them improve operations and reduce costs.


  • Manufacturing companies are faced with daily changes and associated challenges. The intense competition requires extreme agility to cope with the changing demands while only deft control of complex value networks can hold down costs and fight price erosion while ensuring the flawless process integration required for success. Small to midsize companies that can’t seize opportunities and thrive in such volatile conditions don’t make it.
  • In this business environment, a reliable, integrated management system is crucial to getting information where it’s needed, when you need it.
  • We understand your challenges in your business and our deep domain expertise would help you solve all your issues. Trust on us to provide you with quality solutions in minimal time. With Atharvan’s solution, you can streamline manufacturing processes and adapt quickly to changing demands to give customers what they want, when they want it.
  • Let Atharvan help you as you scale.


  • Atharvan’s solution provides advanced information to enable you in decision making.
  • Some of the benefits that Atharvan brings on the table are:
    • Gaining insights help companies adapt more easily
    • Improved business performance from the shop floor to your bottom line.
    • Information provided to customers that they can count on.
    • Quick adaptation to changing customer demands with agile manufacturing. Achieved demand-driven production. Increased replenishment efficiency.
    • Assistance to gain powerful tools for implementing and sustaining lean manufacturing initiatives that gave you a competitive advantage.
    • Respond faster with boosted efficiency and cost control
    • Accelerated continuous improvement by understanding value streams, eliminating bottlenecks, and identifying improvement opportunities.
    • Empowered employees who can collaborate with less effort. Enabled you to gain agility by linking people, processes, and information. Freed people for higher-value activities.
    • Open up your business to trading partners around the clock.
  • For industries like chemical industries, Atharvan’s benefits also include:
    • Assistance in managing complex variables
    • Support in automating and streamlining processes
    • Enabling making confident decisions
    • Connecting people with real-time information
    • Achieving low total cost of ownership (TCO)


  • Some of the issues for manufacturing companies include supply network expectations, such as connectivity and self-service capabilities with trading partners, as well as regulatory and industry compliance issues.
  • Some companies also need to be able to scale rapidly and adapt the solution as the business grows or changes over the long term. The right business management system can help you figuring out the challenges and in turn enable you to solve them.
  • Here are some challenges that your business would be facing at its different operations
  • Sales
    • Cost and time required to adapt to varying customs specifications
    • Time required to drive changes in production according to changes in requirement
    • Lost or incomplete information while tracking sales which in turn impairs forecasting
  • Planning
    • Excess capacity and under utilization capacity at times
    • Taking up extra orders and planning for them
    • Rescheduling productions to take up urgent orders
    • Incorporating changes in specifications
  • Procurement
    • Delayed orders for items with high lead time
    • Dealing with different purchase orders when working with multiple suppliers
    • Time delay in incorporating sales information while procurement
  • Produce
    • Quickly incorporating sales trends to alter production schedules
    • Accommodating demand spikes, last minute changes
    • Allocating and scheduling machines according to latest requirement
    • Under loading and overloading of capacity constrained machines
  • Storage
    • Quickly adapting to change in inventory levels
    • Real-time decision making
    • Dealing with back flushing upon work completion
    • Cost planning, capacity planning
  • Distribution
    • Space utilization in ware houses
    • Outdated inventory information affecting proper replenishment
    • Tracking of goods
  • CRM
    • Reduced customer interest
    • Dealing with uneven sales
    • Excess money used up for market promotions


  • Our experience in ERP solutions for manufacturing combined with the domain knowledge will enable you face the challenges in your business. Atharvan provides a comprehensive solution that enables you to integrate internal processes and fragmented functionalities and data, and interface smoothly with key partners and information in the value network. As a result you can maximize your investment in existing systems and reduce the effort and costs of connecting with business partners.
  • All this is available at a lower cost and relatively lower level of complexity that growing companies can afford.
  • Sales
    • Atharvan enables you implement sales-based scheduling like establishing “takt time” (the demand rate that sets the pace for production) and driving production directly from customer needs using sales scheduling over multiple time horizons based on fixed, tentative, and forecast commitments. Also this enables you establish ability-to-supply and automate customer confirmations or order modifications. Further eliminate handling of physical sales orders with call-off functionality linked to production pull signals. Our solution also enables you to analyze, compare and consolidate sales patterns from multiple perspectives.
  • Planning
    • The Atharvan solution enables you streamline made-to-order requests and simplify make-or-buy decisions. You can modify components and operations as needed, even on released production orders. Also it enables you to plan product family orders that share the same routing for efficient build schedules.
    • Atharvan solution gives you access to the overview of production schedules displayed in Gantt charts and using the drag-and-drop functionality you can reschedule operations, with changes reflected in the relevant production order. Also simplify supply planning and make decisions on an order-by-order basis by using an alternative to printed production schedules that is designed for smaller businesses. Atharvan’s solutions enable you to make better decisions concerning capacity planning and order promising.
  • Procurement
    • With the information available demand forecasting becomes easier. You can distribute demand plans with multiple stakeholders. You can plan your requirements according to the sales order, production order, or purchase requisition, or use traditional master production schedule (MPS) or material requirements planning (MRP). Atharvan solution updates and changes all materials, costs, and operations simultaneously. With this better cost planning and alternative costing based on fixed charges or additional percentages can be achieved. Atharvan’s solution enables you to create/integrate, track and process different types/versions of BOMs (Bills of Materials)
  • Production
    • Atharvan’s solution supports demand-pull production support where you can invoke production leveling and sequencing tools such as heijunka boards, constraint loading, and splitting/slotting to improve production flow and accommodate demand spikes. Further eliminate separate production orders and generate assembly or production schedules right from sales orders, then view schedules from book-to-order or cumulative perspectives. Atharvan enables you to handle exceptions and last-minute changes to meet customer needs using action messaging, tracking, and multiple planning options. Atharvan supports your business intelligence to make informed confident decisions with graphical displays, online analytical processing (OLAP) cubes, and web-based delivery options. Also do your data analyses, export results in Excel, and further design your reports using Visual Studio tools. Further you can do cost budgeting including inventory, WIP, and cost of goods sold (COGS).
    • With Atharvan’s solution allocate work and machine centers as capacities to streamline planning. Also apply finite loading calculations to capacity-constrained resources to optimize machine centers and increase planning accuracy.
  • Storage
    • Atharvan’s solution enables you to explore the true potential of Kanban by employing both point-of-use and pull-on-demand kanbans in production. Set and monitor easily, using the tools provided by the solution ,both the quantity and level of kanbans on a production cell and select from a variety of triggers, including manual reduction, electronic counters, and back-flushing upon work completion.
    • Atharvan’s solution provides relevant information and further process it according to the need of specific centers in order to save time and enables shop floor decision-making. The simple and effective user interface enables you minimize training requirements and improve productivity. The solution features custom notification which can be used to eliminate delays in manual processing, enable real-time decision-making, and keep processes on track. Atharvan’s solution also provides alerts which can be used to facilitate faster, more effective responses to changes in orders, inventory levels, material or product quality, performance indicators, and other status triggers.
  • Distribution
    • Atharvan’s solutions provides process flow tools which enables you automate approval routings and attach electronic signatures to orders or key documents to reduce manual tasks and process delays. Also streamline material movement and increase visibility and inventory control with support for barcode, RFID, or other electronic recording capabilities.
    • Atharvan’s solution provides tailored reports, dashboards, scorecards, and key performance indicators (KPIs) for visibility and analysis. It also enables you to easily create user-process documentation and also transform raw data into actionable information which is Open Database Compliant (ODBC).
  • CRM
    • Atharvan’s solution provides you a comprehensive 360 degree view of your customers and customer relations with them. All transactions are recorded and the information provides a holistic view of the customer to all concerned employees.
    • Atharvan’s solution is user-friendly, easy to use and tracks the results of pricing market promotions and other strategies. Over pricing can be avoided and also decrease in distribution costs with an increase in value. This enables you gain control over their customer relationships and be equipped with better insights into what the customers are really buying. Atharvan’s solution provides you powerful up selling and cross selling potential. Effective and increased selling is a natural byproduct.
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