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Atharvan is the Microsoft Partner of Choice in IT Solutions, consultation, development for both upstream and downstream O&G business in North America, India and the EMEA region.

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  • Oil and Gas businesses worldwide are in flux. As government regulations tighten and energy demand skyrockets, excavators, producers and businesses are tasked with optimizing production from unconventional and fragmented high-risk sources, all while evaluating sustainable growth strategies and reducing environmental impacts.
  • The challenges are clear but the opportunity has never been greater for O&G companies ready to adopt the powerful and flexible technologies needed for the future of this rapidly changing industry.
    • Surging operational costs
    • Managing expensive remote assets
    • Cyber security risks
    • Manual process requirements
    • Inaccurate reporting and data challenges
    • Operating in increasingly hazardous, technically challenging, and sensitive environments
    • Adapting to new exploration and production technologies
    • Fluctuating commodities prices
    • Real time alerts
    • And more…
  • Mazik and Microsoft know how to respond to these challenges with powerful, agile and simple solutions that are both intuitive and cost-effective.


Reduce Operational Costs
Reduce server costs by 25 percent a year and expand your portfolio of services and infrastructure without increasing IT staff. By deploying a single solution in a virtualized private cloud environment, companies can reduce the number of servers required and ease administration burdens. With fewer servers to manage, administrators can reduce the amount of ongoing maintenance tasks they have to perform and eliminate the need to manage tape backups.

Upgrade and Expand Communication Capabilities
With remote sites around the world, the right communication tools are critical for employees to collaborate on complex operations. Robust Microsoft communications solutions include email, unified messaging, presence information, instant messaging, conferencing, and desktop sharing capabilities. Retire outdated technology to reduce costs across the organization and ensure that every employee stays connected.

Improve Security
Oil exploration and production companies are targets of increasing cyber threats and security issues. Ensure that your IT infrastructure and ecosystem are robust enough to withstand any present and future threats or attacks by conducting security health checks to mitigate or eliminate these risks. Engage Mazik and Microsoft Consulting Services to perform rigorous Security Assessments and build a roadmap to strengthen security company-wide.

Automate Back Office Processes
With Microsoft solutions, information and supporting documents are visible to the right employees in real-time. With secure role-based access, employees can access and verify data and financials by logging onto the company’s secure site on their mobile devices. HR department personnel can also utilize the same tool to research information and compile reports. Automating management tasks enables you to focus on more business-critical projects.

Expedite Reporting, Improve Data Accuracy
Create reports and analytics instantly so your analysts can deliver more-accurate data and meaningful insights. Abandon legacy spreadsheet-based financial planning solutions that are manual, time-consuming, and prone to inaccuracies.

Real Time Alerts
Real time shutdown notifications of jet-pumps and compressors reduce downtime and therefore increase the production. MazikGlobal provides hardware and software to monitor remote assets in Oil & Gas sector. GSM/GPRS/Satellite based AMR solutions are also offered.

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