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Today's retail environment offers ever-expanding opportunity while also posing unprecedented challenges. Atharvan’s solutions for retail helps businesses in handling complexity in retail from point-of-sale to back office and through to the warehouse and the corporate office through Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CRM, and store solutions.


  • Retailers have more channels to reach their customers and grow globally, but they must also serve an empowered consumer with access to more information and choice—forcing retailers to leverage IT in an entirely different way to drive visibility across the organization to react quickly; seize new opportunities; and build customer loyalty. Another factor is the mounting strong competition from large companies that have more resources to invest in their IT infrastructures. Finally, retailers must find new ways to make their most valuable asset—people—more productive to enable a “Connected Experience for Retail.”
  • Retail Business’s value chain consist of Category Management, Supply chain Management and In Store Operation Management.


  • Atharvan’s solution stimulates the drivers to provide the sustainable growth required for your business. Atharvan’s solution directly improves your bottom line by enabling you to:
    • Integrated processes with increased efficiency
    • Extended operations with optimized store integration
    • Improved inventory management practices
    • Equipped with flexible category management to meet customer requirements
    • Improved business platform to win against global competition by reducing costs and failures
    • Scaled to meet business growth with an effective adaptation to mid-market business requirements with lowered total cost of ownership (TCO).
    • Build ease in compatibility with other solutions


  • A retail manager faces different kinds of issues. In a challenging retail environment, a manager has to get constant visibility on all issues in operations.
  • Category Management
    • Planning, assortment
    • Evaluating suppliers
    • Designing promotions
    Supply Chain
    • Getting real-time information about exact inventory levels; Synchronize data on sales, finance and supply chain
    • Maintenance of large inventory levels at stores and distribution centers
    • Dealing with shorter seasons and shortened time-to-market (manufacturing-to-retail)
    • Handling inventory and warehouse processes
    • Integrating POS to core operational activities
    • Campaign distribution plans to push items from central warehouse to stores
    • Pilferage, ordering, replenishment, store distribution, inbound transport
    • Determining pricing, price changes, discounts and creation of barcodes
    Managing price changes and operations
    • Tracking of sales across stores
    • Getting information about sales performance and customer buying trends
    • Visibility to support decision-making


  • Atharvan’s experience in ERP solutions combined with the domain knowledge will help solve the long standing challenges faced by your business.
  • Category Management
    • Atharvan’s solution enables you to manage your categories. The solution assists you in planning, evaluating suppliers, determine assortments and design promotions.
    Supply Chain
    • Atharvan’s solution enables you to streamline your operations. Get real-time information about current stocks and sales. Atharvan’s solution enables you to define distribution plans to push items from warehouses to stores. Solution also consists of advanced loss prevention tools to plan for ordering, replenishment, store distribution and inbound transport.
    • Atharvan’s solution efficiently manages reverse flow while integrating POS, whether it’s Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) Store System or any other custom solution which your business runs on currently. Atharvan’s solution service modules will track repairs and returns while providing up-to-date sales, financial, and supply chain data.
    • Other features include the management of cash registers to manage financial processes across multiple currencies, locations, companies and automatically collect price change data and create barcodes.
    • Atharvan’s solution helps you gain valuable insights into your operations by providing access to information easily when, where, and how you need it. This will be achieved by tracking sales in real time using key performance indicators (KPI).
    • Atharvan’s solution enables access to information instantly from Microsoft Dynamics, analyze data by product, store, campaign, location, employee, supplier, and customer. Atharvan’s solution also helps connect you to your customers and improve your customer service levels by giving insight into sales performance and customer buying trends.
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