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Atharvan has over 15 years of experience in developing, deploying and supporting education technology systems.


  • In 2007, Microsoft engaged Atharvan as a trusted development partner to facilitate the product development of Microsoft Dynamics AX – A Powerfully Simple ERP Solution. Microsoft Introduced a vision of “Dynamic Business” to describe a business positioned to truly thrive on change, capitalizing on new opportunities to grow stronger in an ever-shifting competitive landscape.
  • After working with Microsoft on development design of Microsoft Dynamics AX, Atharvan unveils the potential of Microsoft Dynamics AX as product development platform and start exploring to develop the industry fully integrated solutions for industries which needed most “Higher Education”.
  • In 2012, Atharvan have shared the vision of “Comprehensive Higher Education – ERP Solution to help students achieve their goals” with the strategic guiding principles of
    • Improve recruitment processes
    • Empower constituents for better relationships
    • Taking advantage of technology in e-Learning
    • Reduce Errors
    • Reduce Cost
    • Eliminate the Constraint of Location (Cloud)
  • Today, Atharvan have launched MazikEd to fulfill the vision of Atharvan in education arena. MazikEd is one of the world’s most comprehensive higher education solutions, accomplishing student recruitment management, financials, constituent relationships, learning management, campus management and many more. MazikEd is built on top of MS Dynamics AX leveraging the power of MS Dynamics AX when combined with Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP data like financials, Inventory and human resource.
  • Looking ahead, we will continue to maintain a sharp focus on our guiding principles and commitment to innovate, improve and extend the product in the markets we serve today.


  • Improve Recruitment Processes
    • Providing superior service to prospective students is vital for maintaining a healthy incoming population. Student recruitment is a big business for universities—and technology can help. With the competition for students fiercer than ever, many universities are turning to sophisticated technologies and data analytics to help them gain an edge.
    • We are providing cutting edge student relationships management for managing perspective students which is also integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 - the leading solution in managing relations.
  • Empower Constituents for Better Relationships
    • Managing relations is the key in higher education throughout the student life cycle. Communication is the key aspect in relationships. By managing communications and interactions among the constituents organization achieve their goals.
    • We are providing web based portals for each constituent with smart applications access too. These web portals are integrated with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 adding the flavor of collaboration in the solution.
  • Taking Advantage of Technology in e-Learning
    • By offering e-learning through an LMS, organizations can offer a single, one stop shop that can be used to access all of the e-learning content required by their staff. As all e-learning is accessed through a single portal, organizations can control which courses are available to their staff and students. Emerging technologies has changed the vision of learning by introducing virtual classes, shared workspaces and document sharing.
    • MazikEd LMS has been written on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 which is a web based solution and providing all the state of the art features in e-learning (Described in detail in overview section).
  • Reduce Errors
    • Humans make mistakes. It’s inevitable. Handwriting is misread. Numbers are transposed. Documents get filed in the wrong file folder. MazikEd can eliminate all of these types of errors by implementing paper less environment and then storing it electronically.
  • Reduce Cost
    • Creating, filing, accessing and transporting paper-and film-based records and images can consume considerable person-hours. Compare that to student electronic, which can be created, filed, accessed and transmitted with little or no human intervention. The labor cost savings are obvious and considerable.
    • Sizable savings can also be realized by eliminating the physical media itself. When records are created and stored solely electronically, it is no longer necessary to buy paper, film, or filing cabinets. Furthermore, the space that is now taken up by the filing cabinets that hold all of the paper and film records can be turned over to other purposes or vacated, thereby reducing real estate costs.
  • Eliminate the Constraints of Location (Cloud)
    • Physical media can be in only one place at one time. To be viewed elsewhere, they must be transported manually or digitized, faxed or scanned, and then transmitted.
    • In contrast student information in MazikEd is accessible everywhere all the time. Authorized personnel can access them wherever a secure connection is available. With today’s securely encrypted Internet transmissions and new self-encrypted hard drives, that means anywhere on the planet.


  • The needs of Higher Education institutions are complex and ever-changing. Universities, community colleges and education companies facing critical challenges in attracting students, in supporting them throughout their career, in maintaining relationships with Alumni, in managing financial aid needs and in managing campus resources.


  • Atharvan’s solution is MazikEd. MazikEd helps universities, community colleges and education companies confront the challenges being faced in this critical industry by offering comprehensive solution, and scalable tools for the student’s career and the life of the educational institution. It helps universities to manage day-to-day activities of administrators, faculty and students by providing powerful toolsets for responding to evolving needs. MazikEd provides all the business information which is required by the constituents and organization to enable sound and timely decisions making.
No. 1237, Sector 7, Sri Sai Crystal
5th main, HSR Layout,
Bangalore-560102, India
Phone #: (080) 2572-0894

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