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Life Sciences

Atharvan’s solutions for Life Sciences helps businesses increase time-to-market and boost profitability, by quickly deploying an integrated set of business solutions which are highly customized to the business.


The life sciences industry is one of the most complex in the world. Companies developing pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology, and even nutriceuticals need a responsive IT infrastructure with the ability to control compliance costs. Improving business performance as they work to bring new products to market in a timely manner is crucial. The explosion in the need for research, development, and regulatory compliance is driving the demand for a more flexible computing environment. Nothing is more critical than access to real-time information on production processes and business operations. Life sciences companies depend on this data to make sound business decisions, maintain compliance, and run efficiently.

We understand the challenges in your business and our deep domain expertise would help you solve all your issues. Trust on us to provide you with quality solutions in minimal time.


  • Atharvan’s solution provides advanced information to enable you in decision making.
  • Some of the benefits that Atharvan brings on the table are:
    • Gaining insights help companies adapt more easily
    • Improved business performance from the shop floor to your bottom line.
    • Information provided to customers that they can count on.
    • Quick adaptation to changing customer demands with agile manufacturing. Achieved demand-driven production. Increased replenishment efficiency.
    • Assistance to gain powerful tools for implementing and sustaining lean manufacturing initiatives that gave you a competitive advantage.
    • Respond faster with boosted efficiency and cost control
    • Accelerated continuous improvement by understanding value streams, eliminating bottlenecks, and identifying improvement opportunities.
    • Empowered employees who can collaborate with less effort. Enabled you to gain agility by linking people, processes, and information. Freed people for higher-value activities.
    • Open up your business to trading partners around the clock.
  • For industries like chemical industries, Atharvan’s benefits also include:
    • Assistance in managing complex variables
    • Support in automating and streamlining processes
    • Enabling making confident decisions
    • Connecting people with real-time information
    • Achieving low total cost of ownership (TCO)


  • Atharvan’s experience in ERP solutions combined with the domain knowledge will help solve the long standing challenges faced by your business.
  • Sales
    • Atharvan’s solution help you tune your business to deal with varying customer requirements by enabling you to adapt to changes in formula and finished goods.
  • Advanced Planning
    • Atharvan’s solution helps you keep your nerves intact during the planning phase. The record of previous transactions and the intelligence from the information drawn from different stages of production enables you to make smarter decisions while planning & scheduling.
  • Procurement
    • Atharvan’s vendor performance module keeps track of your supplies and supplier information to give a better input on whom to do business and whom to identify as perfect fit to supply the quantity at the quality you want and at the price that fits.
  • Production
    • Atharvan solution help you streamline the manufacturing processes and adapt quickly to changing demands to provide customers “what they want, when they want it”. This enables you in dealing with shelf-life control of various products and also in accommodating various compliance levels like GXP and COA. Our solution makes it easier to deal with documentation and CGMP.
    • The solutions enable you manage the maintenance, and also solve the load balancing, network routing issues. The solutions will help in yield management and formula based manufacturing, while adjusting to potency and scalability based on ASSAY value of input materials.
  • Storage
    • With ERP solutions from Atharvan, you can keep better track of your storage facilities and manage materials with different shelf life and storage requirements. Further the solution enables you in retest and requalification of materials along with handling quarantine management.
    • Inventory management will enable you with proper label management and also makes it easier to work with scalability tests and control samples.
  • Quality
    • Our solution handles all the certification, tracking, traceability, GMP, stability processes. Atharvan’s solutions help you with validation and also in conforming to regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11A ERES
  • Distribution
    • With efficient information control, Atharvan’s solutions help you narrow your problems in tracking multi-tier distribution, sales returns, complaint management and secondary sales. This also helps you make better decisions in pricing, distribution planning and forecasting.
  • CRM
    • Atharvan’s CRM solution helps you automate medical representative and field force while managing their expenses, attendance reporting etc.


  • Sales
    • Differing Custom Specifications
    • Pharmacopeias requirements on IP BP, USP, etc.
    • Optimizing hour-glass-model of manufacturing technique
    • Secondary Sales tracking
  • Planning
    • Forecasting and planning output for varied requirement specifications
    • Scheduling Hour-glass model, Inverse model based on input and desired output
  • Procurement
    • Determining supplier reliability while working with multiple suppliers
    • Challenges of certification, supplier vulnerability
    • Dealing with problems of price, quality and reliability of suppliers
    • Tracing the ingredient/particular batch back to the point of production
  • Production
    • Controlling shelf-life for various products
    • Accepting various compliance levels such as
      • GXP compliance
      • GMP--Good Manufacturing Practices
      • GDP--Good Documentation Practices
      • COA – Certificate Of Analysis
    • Working with BMR (Batch Manufacturing Record), BPR (Batch Packing Record), CGMP (Current GMP)
    • Optimizing Load Balancing and Network Routing methodologies
    • Coping with scheduled and unscheduled maintenance breaks
    • Handling Yield Management
    • Recycling expensive catalysts, solvents
    • Working with Formula Based Manufacturing
    • Dealing with effluent and recovery; 1st, 2nd, 3rd crops.
  • Storage
    • Dealing with different storage requirements of raw materials
    • Retesting and requalification of raw materials
    • Quarantine management
    • Label management with label controllers
    • Working with stability tests and control samples of finished products
  • Quality
    • Basic challenges with certification, tracking, traceability, GMP, stability, etc.
    • Customer and supplier audit
    • Dealing with validation
    • Conforming to regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11A ERES
  • Distribution
    • Tracking multi-tier distribution
    • Pricing with retailer & stockiest
    • Commission Calculation
    • Distribution planning & forecasting
    • Handling Sales returns and complaint Management
    • Tracking Secondary sales and OTC product distribution
  • CRM
    • Tracking medical representative and field force activities
    • Handling Expense management, Field reporting
    • Measuring effectiveness of sales activities
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